Legal & Other RequirementsRequirements

Legal Requirements

It is my duty as a celebrant to ensure that all legal documents are supplied correctly, filled out, signed, and lodged with the attorney general's office after the completion of the ceremony.

Both parties getting married must be over the age of 18. If over 16 and under 18 years old, please contact me to discuss specific details.

The notice of intended marriage must be created and submitted no more than 18 months prior to the wedding and no later than one month and one day prior to the day of the wedding.

Documents required

  • Birth certificates
  • Divorce or death certificate if previously married
    (certificates must be originals or certified copies)
  • Photo identification (eg. passport, driver's licence)

Other requirements

  • Statuary declaration on reverse side of official marriage certificate to be completed, signed and witnessed (can be celebrant) prior to the wedding
  • Two witnesses over 18 years